The Viper Pit


Welcome to Sacramento California the Viper Pit of the world.  The California Legislature  has passed an extremely dangerous bill making it illegal in the state of Pit Vipers to tell a person they can escape the SIN of homosexuality!   Please read AB 2943

The state has declared through AB 2943 authored by evan low CA assembly district 28 pvel “Contemporary science recognizes that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is part of the natural spectrum of human identity and is not a disease, disorder, or illness.”


This scam is what is being taught to our children in the California Public School system.  There is not a single person in the world who actually believes that homosexuality is part of a normal way of life.  It is not a sickness, a disease, or a normal sexual desire, it is just purely SIN!  evan low is caught up in it and wants t take everybody out with him.  He cannot stand the thought of burning  in HELL forever by him self and wants to take as many with him as he can