The Eagle and the Cross

The Eagle and the Cross was a Christian web site from Huston Texas, the Web Mter was a man named Charlie Clements.  I can not find the web site any more but I will include on this page some of the articles Charlie had written.  Please enjoy!

Yellow Stripes And Dead Skunks
By Charley Clements
“There ain’t nothing in the middle of the road except yellow stripes and dead skunks.”

I have been waiting patiently for some time now for someone to step up to the plate, cut to the chase, and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the fundamental problems with the suggestions of “reaching out” to the liberals, or trying to cooperate with them by “meeting them half-way.”

Since no one else seems willing to do so, I’ll say it.

Not all of the members of the Democratic Party are evil people, and not all of their agenda is evil, dangerous and detrimental to the security, well being and future of our nation.

However, many of them are, and much of it is.

We have had eight long years of example after example of the Democratic Party’s sneering contempt for legalities, constitutionality, and even plain old common decency– and God only knows the true extent of the damage they have done to our nation.

I personally see no reason whatsoever to “reach out” to them or cooperate in helping them to continue their legacy of traitorous and destructive legislation and policies destined to destroy America.

Furthermore, President Bush and the leaders of the Republican Party would be deluding themselves and betraying their nation if they seriously believed that caving in to the shrill demands and threats of the Democrats and their media lapdogs on every controversial issue is in the best interests of the nation, or even in the best interests of the GOP or their future candidates.

This may be hard for some of the more befuddled leaders of the GOP to grasp, but it matters not how much you cave, and how much you cater. Come 2004 the homosexuals, the baby-killers, the hairy-legged feminists, and all the whining hyphenated Americans who still insist on blaming every bad thing that ever happened to them or their ancestors on racism will vote for Hillary Clinton for President. And they will vote for the Democrat candidate for every other office-from Senator to dogcatcher–regardless of that candidate’s qualifications, or lack thereof.

The Democrats have no plans to “reach out to” or cooperate with the GOP. In fact, they have already launched an all-out assault against the Bush presidency-and Bush hasn’t even been sworn in yet. And the Democrats and their media lapdogs will continue to do everything within their power to destroy President Bush and undermine any and all efforts of the GOP congress.

So from a political standpoint, there is nothing to gain and much to lose–the remainder of the dwindling GOP loyalists, for example–by “reaching out” and catering to the Democrats.

But there is a much larger issue here, and far more at stake than the future of the GOP.

What is at stake is the future of the United States of America.

The GOP needs to put aside all of the starry-eyed, touch-feely, let’s all be friends nonsense and take a cold hard look at the agenda of the liberals before they decide to cuddle with them.

First of all, today’s Democratic Party should be more appropriately named the Socialist Party, because Socialism is what the liberals are all about. They envision a bigger, stronger, more powerful federal government whose primary purpose is “taking care of us” through redistribution of wealth (taking from those who have and giving to those who have not) and restricting our thoughts, actions, and activities to those deemed to be politically correct and guaranteed not to offend anyone.

For example, the liberal agenda is not about economic opportunities for all, but rather economic guarantees for all. It is not about guaranteeing special homosexual rights, unrestricted abortion rights, special minority rights or gun control–they already have all of that–but rather about restricting or eliminating my right and your right to speak out against or attempt to lobby against these things.

The liberal agenda is about restricting our churches to government-approved activities, using our public schools to promote acceptance of homosexuality and adolescent sexual promiscuity, and gutting our military in order to pay for their social programs.

In short, the liberal agenda is about transforming America into a weak, defenseless, bankrupt and Godless nation–and it is beyond me why any sane conservative would even suggest that the GOP would entertain notions of cooperating with them in doing so.

Finally, non-partisanship is simply non-workable in a political arena totally dominated by two major parties with diametrically opposed philosophies and agendas. In this situation, no vote or legislative proposal can be evaluated strictly on its merits because of the political ramifications of allowing the “other side” a victory.

As long as our political system continues to be a two-party system, the business of governing will continue to be conducted in an atmosphere of “the good guys against the bad guys”-the bad guys, of course, being the other side.

I submit that when the good guys get in bed with the bad guys, it doesn’t make the bad guys better–it make the good guys worse.

G.W. and the GOP need to do what they were elected to do. Roll up their sleeves, get to work and try to restore this nation to some semblance of what it used to be.

They can’t do that standing in the middle of the road.