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Everybody has a hero or role model that they look up to.  This is even so for our elected “leaders”.  The extensive resume below is one of the dimocrat parties Poster Boys and part of the catalyst behind California’s Prop 47. San Francisco (CNN)A jury on Thursday found an undocumented immigrant not guilty in the […]

If Papa John thought that his pizza sales had slid into the dumpster he ain’t seen nothing   yet.  To come out and publicly tell the truth and now say that he was wrong?  (click here) Hey John, why are you and your company defending scumbags like rectum  scummernik a SF 49er has been and certified […]

The question of the year, “What to do about Judge Roy Moore”?  There was not any question of what to d about the Honorable judge before it became almost certain that Judge Moore was going to be elected to the U. S. Senate.  If a “dimocrat” won the seat then the “Establishment Republicans” just lost […]

We almost want to believe that this phrase is an almost universal “shout out” It is a phrase that is used through out the United States as the name of one of our greatest holidays.  The Thanksgiving Day holiday comes third only to Christmas and Easter as the most important and meaningful holidays ever declared […]

The first issue has to do with the homosexual agenda. Many are already familiar with their legislative successes permitting invasion of the public schools with literature and demands for acceptance. This, however, is only a beginning. Over the next few months we can expect gigantic efforts towards two enactments that will drastically affect our current […]

Dear Moon Beam, (California’s Governor) Your $0.12 a gallon gas tax does not apply to me!  I will recover every cent I spend at the pump by shopping outside the State of California, not only will I in most cases not pay any SALES TAX I will be taking away business from some of the […]

Caught like a Deer in the headlights California’s esteemed Congress critter doesn’t know what time of day it is or what she is doing in front of the microphone.  Not the first time she didn’t have clue it is well past time that Nancy Pelosi depart the premises. Being very quick to jump in on […]