Comfort Inn & Suites, Ukiah, CA

Handicap access?

room 103 the big picture 2

My wife and I reserved a handicap accessible room at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Ukiah CA November10 2017.  The room was a very nice room with the exception of being very poorly lit. It had all the requirements to call it a handicap accessible room except a way of getting to the room from the parking lot.

flame throwerI contacted the Motel staff and was assured that there was handicap access to the room.  The route suggested was about 500 + feet longer than the direct route from the west parking lot where I parked my car.  There is a chance that I could be the one that has the misconception of what I thought reasonable handicap access would mean.  My thought was that it would be accessible from the parking lot adjacent to my room not a 500′ +  tour of the Motel parking lot.  The parking lot was very poorly lit and did not present a safe feeling.  It had one at least 20 watt flame thrower for illumination. That feeling was bore out the next morning by  some of the Ukiah citizens making a cameo appearance.

Please, for your safety and the safety of your loved ones if you need  handicap accessible accommodations be informed as to what extent access  is available.  This dark and inaccessible parking lot could present some real “Slip, Trip, or Fall opportunities for anybody with any balance or stability issues.

I felt it was unfortunate   that management just wanted to direct me to the area about 500′ away from my room and claim that it was accessible.  On a future excursion to Ukiah I would guess that Comfort Inn and Suites would not be my first, or even second pick for accommodations.  This would be a shame because the Room and motel Staff were great.  I can say with absolute confidence that I am not alone  in this thought.  Save your time and money look elsewhere.