gold rush

Started in 1996 the domain name californiagold.com was obtained and used as a simple attempt at broadcasting my opinion.  The First Amendment gives us the right to speak our mind, the web site was used as a tool to be able to reach beyond  the concept of letters to the editor of a newspaper.

Not having any Idea of what I was doing or how to go about building a web site I floundered for about 3 months and had no content.  The owner of the hosting service felt bad about taking  my money and offered to help with our very first page.

I was paying $100.00 a month for the web hosting service and had nothing to show for it.  The Grand Opening of California Gold Web Pages (Our first published page.) was a page from my web hosting company About Me page on his company’s web site.  I was given the file on a 5.25 floppy and rewrote it on Microsoft Notepad, a text editor to become the first California Gold Web Page.

Mark, the owner of my hosting company then uploaded it on to my website and California Gold Web Pages was born.  The first California Gold Web Pages was only about fifty words and said something like “Welcome to California Gold Web Pages” and gave the brief explanation that the domain name came from the fact that we were located along the route that gold took to get to the SF bay from Gold Country.

Many years have passed, there have been a few years of dormancy, I just didn’t take the time to work at it.  I hope that this new push on Word Press will yield better fruit.