Christmas in January

As a kid I wanted Christmas to come early

It is no different now, I just didn’t think
that it would be almost two years early.

pee losi 7.png

Sometimes when we get a gift for Christmas it does not come wrapped in fancy paper and have a red bow on top, sometimes it does!  The State of the Union Address in this case did not, but who cares it was a gift just the same!  Nancy could have not preformed any better even if the Republican’s had written the script.  And the way all the Dimocratic “Ladies of the Night House” wore their KKK uniforms just put the carnauba on it.  Red Cherry and all!

the eyes have it.png

The only time the uniformed members of the house stood and applauded during the State of the Union Address was when they applauded themselves.  So much for the “Oath of Office”.

But the giving does not stop there, the Governor of the “Great State of Virginia” had gifts to bear also.  He put into great detail how he would murder young children on “Satan’s Sacrificial Alter of Abortion” and the alter of Post Birth Abortion.  

Read the complete article here

Or the “Keystone Cops Version of resignation by the numbers. If you thought “Paint by Numbers” was a cheep way to becoming an artist just see what happens when it is used to explain Leadership in the political arena.

  3. And Here

Then if you thought the Dimocrats couldn’t make it any better Cortez stated she wanted to fire all airline employees.  Who is Cortez, a pipsqueak of a freshman Congressthing that the “Trump hatting news is promoting into an attack dog on “We the People”.  She does not have the “IQ” to understand that he is a nothingburger that means nothing to the “Fake News” CNN’s of the world.  While she is running around spewing this ” Communist Puke Juice” (CPJ) they are running around collecting “Soros Hit Money” (SHM).

Things are only going to get better for President Trump
between now and November 2020!

Dimocrat, the gift that keeps on giving!

  1. American Airlines  122,000 employees.
  2. Delta Airlines 86,564 employees
  3. United Airlines 86,000 employees.

With just 3 major US airlines that is a total of 294,564 employees!

The New Green Deal
Venezuela on steroids



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