Congressman Rose Pee-Losies all over himself on Fox News

a rose by 2.png


In an effort to make his mark with Nancy Pee-Losi Rose pees all over the American Flag and all Veterans in his first interview on Fox News this morning.  Watch the Video

cr rose 1


rose fox 2

Watch this disgraceful video on Fox News

This news cast starts out with this “Piece of Work” talking about him being a Veteran and how important border security is to the well-being of this Great Country.  When I asked one of his phone answers if he lived in a house with or without walls she answered “WALLS of COURSE”!   She got a little flustered when I asked why he “Pee-Losied” all over himself on Fox News.

We need STATESMEN and not
politicians in this Great Nation!

Call Congressman Rose @
202-225-3371 or 718-667-3313



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