Just Say NO


Reject Proctor and Gamble’s homosexual agenda,

“Just Say NO”

Gillette bows to the homosexual lobby just like Obama bowed to Muslim leaders!


bow 2

Read about the Nobama “Apologist Tour



satanic png 2.png


Years ago the P & G Trade Mark was considered a Satanic logo and P & G was considered by many to be a Satanic company.  After years of law suites P & G dropped the logo in 1985 only to retrieve it again in 2013.

The logo in it’s self may not be Satanic but the actions of the company may revive that sentiment!  With it’s Gillette branch bowing to the homosexual and trans homosexual crowd it shows that the suspicions of the past may have been right on.


As a Christian I  will not use any P & G products any more, there is just so many alternatives I will vote with my wallet.  If in  P & G’s  eye if this makes me  Hippocratic  I got over it real quick.

One really unique way of waging a successful boycott is to   boycott the companies of the Board of Directors.  Often times you will find they run the same “Anti-Christian” tactics at the other companies they represent.   For the P & G board  CLICK HERE

Remember you have a choice
Choose Wisely!


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