A Veteran  is  someone  who  at  a  point in their  life wrote  a  “Blank Check” made payable to the citizens of The United States of America for the amount up to and including their lives!


They stand in Honor
While the nfl lives on it’s knees in disgrace!


A Prayer for our Veterans

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for our Veterans.  I thank You for their willingness to risk all so that our nation might dwell in peace and safety.

May they find the honor and  recognition they deserve.

In the name of Your divine Son, I pray You will heal the physical and psychological wounds some of these veterans have suffered.  Bring peace to those who mourn the loss of comrades.

Father, I pray that our nation would learn to respect and acknowledge those who have served their country well.

Scriptural reference for this prayer

Romans 13:7
John 14:27
John 16:33

A Prayer for our Military

Thank You Lord, for the men and women of our armed forces.  Protect them as thy protect us.  Defend them as they defend us.  Encourage and strengthen their spirit, soul and body in the execution of their duties and responsibilities.  May they be mentally and physically strong required to face the challenges of combat.  Undergird  with your spirit and might when they are called upon to endure the hardships of battle.

I pray that nothing would take them by surprise but that they would be aware of all potential aggression.  Enable them to curtail hostile actions before they start.

Reveal to military leaders the strategies and plots that the enemies would wage.  Give leaders wisdom and insight in all decisions.  May response to any aggression   by our enemies of this nation be swift and effective.

Father, give our military favor with the governmental agencies of this country.  I pray that our Congress would appropriate sufficient funds   to keep our nation’s military preeminent in the World.

Thank You Lord, for providing America with the best trained, equipped and led military force in the world today.  Fill them with Your saving grace and the gospel of peace that they may be a shining witnesses of Your love,in the name of Jesus Amen.

Scriptural reference for this prayer

Matthew 9:37,38
Romans 10: 13-155
Psalm 119:114, 117
Isaiah 41: 12, 13

A Prayer for the families of our Military

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I also lift up to you the families of our military.  I pray that the gospel will extend to them, that they may know Him and the power of His resurrection.

Father, I desire that these families might be a prayer force for our nation and our military.

May they know abundance and no lack.  May they be well provided for and well taken care of.

Father, give them the courage of warriors.  May the peace tht passes understanding sustain them in sessions of separation.

Comfort them with Your Word, that they might have faith to see their sons, daughters, husbands an wives returned to them in wholeness and safety.

Scriptural reference for this prayer

Matthew 9:37, 38
Philippians 4:7
Philippians 3:10
2 Corinthians 1:3,4


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