$300 billion repatriated


Record $300 billion repatriated to USA

Despite President Trump’s tit-for-tat trade barbs, America’s CEOs are not wasting anytime in taking advantage of his tax reform plan. Over $300 billion was repatriated to the U.S. in the first quarter, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) — the most on record.

“U.S. firms that used to build their factories overseas in order to avoid U.S. taxes, they stopped in their tracks because of the tax bill, they are bringing all the money home,” said Kevin Hassett, chair of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, during an interview on FOX Business’ Varney & Co. in June.

Dear Suisun City Council,

I am a 21 year resident of Suisun City, I moved here in 1997 from Fairfield.  One of my first goals after buying my first house was to support local Business whenever I could.

I replaced the carpet in my front room and dining room using a local business and  I had a remodel on both bathrooms done by a local plumber.  Both bushiness were out of business before the jobs was done.  For the floors I got garbage carpet, but it was new, I don’t even think that the plumber could even spell plumber.

These two experiences did not stop me from buying local.  In November of 2010 I had my house re roofed.  My son and a friend came up from San Diego and did the job.  We bought all the roofing material from a Suisun City business at about a 10% increase over Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Last year Suisun City instituted a 1% Sales Tax to go to the city of Suisun City.  With that TAX Suisun City is the most expensive city in Solano County to buy taxable items.
I have stopped buying anything taxable in Suisun City.  I am about 96% successful in this endeavor , my wife is about 90% successful.  The State of California passed a $0.12 and a $0.20 tax on motor fuel, I now have stopped shopping in the State of California, Amazon Prime is great!

There was noise in the news about the Supreme Court saying that the states could collect tam money from On Line sales.  Please think about what you WISH FOR.  The State of California collecting $5.65 on a purchase from Amazon do es not support local business!  Me going down to Walmart and buying it does.  It provides income to Walmart, it provides Sales tax to the state, it provides sales tax to the city, and it gives someone a JOB!  None of the state’s “Snach and Grab” does.

It would seam that the state would take care of it’s businesses but California does not!  There are more businesses leaving the State of California than ever before.

In order to survive we must cut spending (Not have a reduction in an increase) and we must cut TAXES.

When the City of Suisun City abolishes this SALES TAX SCAM I will start spending in the city limits.



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