Hip Hip Hooray

the donald 2

A True American President

Thank you President Trump for standing on your feet to honor the Veterans of America, and not
to “Brown Nose” nobama!


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Hey nfl either live like real MEN or live on your knees in the “Swill Scum” that you have puked all over yourselves!


jim kenney

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney slammed President Donald Trump as “not a true patriot” and “a fragile egomaniac” after the Super Bowl Champion Eagles were disinvited from the White House on Monday.

This verbal diarrhea from a “Publis Servent that only know how to;

As Mayor he imposed a “Soda Tax” that cost hundreds of jobs for the “Low Income Segment” of Philadelphia!  Who is not a “true patriot”?

The following Veterans support President Trump for his courageous
Stand for America and our   Veterans!  If you would like to include yourself in this list leave what you want posted in the comments.  I will up date this blog daily.  GEERDEE

  1. G. Duke  United States Navy
  2. W. Baker  United States Air Force
  3. R. Tidwell United States Army



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