Fly the dangerous SKY?

midair 2


Discipline on the job is one of the greatest challenges that an employer faces in today’s business.

Few employers are equipped to deal with  the lack of  discipline that the vast majority of entry level job applicants bring to the workforce.  At one point in time the Military was the place that taught discipline as an entry level requirement to staying employed.   But thanks to the entry level muslet we had for a President for eight years diversity was an entry level standard for acceptance into the “Nobama” Military.

Love Thy Fellow homo!

was seen as a primary entry level job requirement pounded into the heads of our young Heroes as a prime factor at getting promoted in ranks.

Check out the Fox News article with Tucker Carlson  on the Air Traffic Controllers and the Nobama requirements  for empowerment in one of the highest stress jobs on the planet.  CLICK HERE

You may never fly again! 

You must remember that these applicants are not taken from professionals but from the vast pool of undisciplined  diverse youngsters.   Also remember that two aircraft converging at 500 MPH each cover a distance of 10 miles in second.  An understanding of math is a must!  A controller does not have the time to TEXT anything or admire all his TATTOOS in his reflections in the windows.



As a consumer I have been in the “Fast Food” pickup lines and had to listen to what was going on in the love life of the 18 year old “Blond” behind the sliding window.  At other times I have had to wait at a “Green” light while a Suisun City     Police Officer finished a TEXT!  It seems that the little Glass Screen has made us oblivious to what is going around us.  The problem goes a lot deeper than  just a little glass screen though.

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