Animals,No but they make a Skunk or a Cockroach desirable company!

scumWhy is it that common sense can no longer be a “Rule of Thumb”?

Vote for a dimocrat and you too can stop a deportation!  It is only common sense that you lock your door at night right?  Not for a dimocrat, they want an “Open Door” policy, everybody is a citizen!  But the dimocrat locks it’s door at night, only common sense right.

Make America Great Again

is not just a brilliant campaign slogan but what every American citizen wants for his children and grand children to grow up in.

A Great United States of America

image below

maga hat

Nancy Pee-losi needs to recruit  new members for her street gang, “PMS 13”.  Use the numbers listed below to be the first on your block to become real losers and collect Welfare, Food Stamps, get a free “Green Card” (No Red White or Blue ones) and let both of your mammys and all four prospective  daddies move in with you and you claim them on your 2018 Form 1040 as disabled and blind.  Nancy Pee-losi will teach you the secret handshake and how to lie and cheat.

pee-losiThe photo to the right was taken 05-22-2018 in Washington D.C at 4:15 PM in the Congressional Gang Liaison Office (CGLO) of the Rayburn House at 1605 Pennsylvanian Way Washington D.C.  The numbers listed allow a PMS 13 wanna bee to streamline the process to becoming illegal in four easy steps.  All conducted from the confines of the Pee-losi” “Sanctuary Office”



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