RINO.pngAs the * depicts, Senator John McCain was a R.I.N.O.  McCain never voted for a conservative issue in his life unless he needed it to get elected.  He lived the life of a self-made hero and believed every fabrication that spewed through his lips.  Because he had a family history of Military service (His Father and Grandfather were Four Star Admirals) he thought that he was “Heir  Apparent” to becoming a War Hero.  Though I take a dislike of the service of McCain as a Senator, I in no way would want to diminish his service in the U.S. Navy or cast dispersion on his time in captivity, a “War Hero” he is not.  True War Heroes do not act like War Heroes and do not take the credit when it is given.

A huge majority of registered Republicans have be come disgusted with the way the Republican Party has morphed into a alternate spelling for dimocrat.  I for one have not given a cent to the Republican party  in over 25 years, I was not a big giver( I never had the money, though I made several donations to some local candidates.)  Now when I get the Republican “Junk Mail” I return it with $0.02 to cover the cost of postage. 

It is my belief that not a person in elected office has any intention of fulfilling the promises made to his constituents when he took the OATH of OFFICE.  That Oath was only taken to qualify for a PAY CHECK!  There is one thing that they overlook when they raise their Right hand and put the other on the Bible, they are making that Oath before God!

p d trumpA “Breath of Fresh Air” has blown into Washington, it started as a lite breeze that had all the elements of a short lived “Whirl Wind” but once it picked some momentum it never looked back.  This “Breath of Fresh Air” is what this Great Nation (Go suck an egg waters)  needed after eight years of having a muslet try and destroy this “Great Nation”  Donald Trump is that “Breath of Fresh Air” he was given to us by God and now it is up to us to take care of this Blessing.

jebFollow in your mind the standard path that should have been laid out in the 2016 election,  Four or five candidates would have made the announcement that they were running as the Republican presidential candidate.  There would have been a flurry of dirty campaign ads and Jeb would have been nominated.  But the Primary did not go as scripted, a far greater power than the Republican Party was in control and they had no clue as to what was going on, but they did know that they did not like it.  And that was about the only thing they did know about the 2016 election they did not like it and they could not stop it.  For the first time in ages they were introduced to the irate American voter and the “Will of God”

monicas rivalYes noboma we are a Christian Nation!  There are many of us that believe that you are an evil muslet and your vision for America was not our vision for American.  I would bet that there were quite a few voters that cast 2 votes for you in the past that could not quite force themselves to vote for Monica’s rival.  Can you actually believe that Bernie ran as a dimocrat?  Or can you believe that the dimocratic party would have run him if he had of stomped hagitha in the primary.

This “Breath of Fresh Air” needs your help to Keep America Great.  Read what the Bible says about the qualities that make a leader, most of the time they are not political objectives and most definitely are not “Knee Jerk” reactions to political pols.


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