A living wage

my first carIn 1965 I bought my first car, it was a 1953 Mercury.  I had just turned 16 and was eager to have my own car to drive to High School.  My friend for many years, Tom had just got a 1955 Chevy, (The rage at the time) and we would drive to school together.  “Those Were the Good Ole Days”


I paid $100.00 cash for my Merc, at the time that was a lot of money.  It represented about 200 hours of work and a lot of self control in not spending every dime I made on something that had no value after the new wore off. When I bought the Merc I had my choice of about 3 cars.  One was a 1956 Ford 4 door sedan in very good shape another was a 1956 Merc 4 door hardtop, but the winner was the 53 2 door Merc hardtop.  It had all of 125 horsepower (When new) coming from all 255 cid Flathead V8.  It wasn’t very fast off the line but with twin glass packs it sounded real good trying to be a “Hot Rod”.

This is not a story about our High School cars, hot rods or glass packs it is not even about High School.  It is though about the work that went into being able to buy a $100.00 beat up 1953 Mercury.  At about $0.50-$0.75 per hour working 15 – 18 hours a week it was a long road to $100.00 in savings.  It was like Heaven when I got a raise to $1.00 / hr. and was working 20 hours per week.  Can you imagine making $20.00 per week today.

Some of our school mates had parents that bought their cars for them, new 65 Mustangs or Dodges’.  For the most part these cars were run into the dirt, wrecked, and neglected.  And when they quit running they would cry to all their “Mechanic Buddies” to fix them for them.  We were their Buddies only when their cars quit and did not exist otherwise.  They had a sense of entitlement that took second place to no one.

I think that they must have taught this mentality to their Grand Children who think that they must get $15.00 / hr for burning hamburgers.  I had to work my way up the “Food Chain” to success and not start out with a “Living Wage”.  How about doing away with the “i Phones” and the $100.00/mo phone bill and getting a second or third job.  Learn some responsibilities and get an education in school and not a degree in stupid.  You know the lyrics  to every “Scum Bag” rap garbage but can’t add 6,5,9 & 3 with out someone else pushing the buttons on a calculator.

john kNo one needs ask you who our 35th president was, you don’t even know what a president is.  You wouldn’t know what the Second Amendment is because you was busy crying to your mommy about all the trick questions the third time you had to be sent to the third grade.  The only problem with that is they would not hold you back, so in the fifth grade you read at a poor third grade level!

Hey “Dirt Bag” I don’t need to be paying for your “Food Stamps”, your Medical, Your nobama phone, your utilities, your Child Care, your eye glasses, your gas, your …………..  Get a job and get out of my pay check!!!!!!!!!




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