Racist Extraordinaire

Racist ExtraordinaireAnybody that lets Race or the color of their skin define who or what they are is a racist!  It makes no difference if that person is a “White Supremacist”, a member of the “Black Panthers”  or the “Congressional Black Caucus” are all RACIST.  They  created their identity, their self-worth, and their value as a human all on the color of their skin.  They have allowed their lives to be controlled by the evils of “RACISM”  the very thing that claim that they want to stomp out.  In order not to appear the RACIST that they are, they are the FIRST to cry out Racist!  They use that “Cry” to stop all interference to their RACIST agenda!

Please learn to think for yourself and not be spoon fed all of the racist agenda that satan has at his beck and call.  God gave you a brain, if it doesn’t make sense it usually is not true or just a LIE.  Now you must learn how to tell the difference between the RACIST agenda and the truth.  Read what the Bible and God’s word has to say on the subject.

prom.pngWhen Keziah Daum sported a traditional, Chinese cheongsam dress to her senior prom in Utah last month, she likely never intended her photos to go viral or be slammed as a “closet racist” over accusations of cultural appropriation. But days later, the 18-year-old began winning praise from an unexpected source — Chinese audiences and social media users.

Then the Jesse Jackasses showed up yelling;




5 thoughts on “Racist Extraordinaire

  1. You did say God gave us brains for a reason, correct? In the spirit of that sentiment, you *might* consider looking up the definition of RACIST. It doesn’t mean what you think it means. It is committed by those IN POWER, not the oppressed. But it’s *fun* to rant about a word you’re using incorrectly, right? Maybe that’s why there are no takers on your bait.


    1. From your site “I’ve had friends of color (not good friends but more than acquaintances). “I knew that racism and homophobia existed. But, weren’t they on the decline?” Turn to Physics and what color do you get when you mix all primary colors. Red Blue and Green. Don’t use Color to describe race, if you do, you are not only a victim, your own words, but also a self-made looser. Thanks for the comment GEERDEE


      1. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, you must have me mixed up with someone else’s site. I actually AM a woman of color, so I’m not sure where you got those quotes from.


  2. From your site
    “Welcome. Welcome. Please come in.My name is Deb and I’m a Recovering “Good Ally.”
    By this I mean that for most of my adult life, I thought that being a white woman who didn’t laugh at racist, homophobic or misogynist jokes (and depending on the situation might even say something), worked in nonprofits with liberal missions, read authors from marginalized groups, occasionally attended a protest, supported Black Lives Matter and did my best to avoid stereotypes, I was doing my part.

    “”” I’ve had friends of color (not good friends but more than acquaintances). I knew that racism and homophobia existed. But, weren’t they on the decline? “””

    I began to realize I might not be the ally I thought I was as election results rolled in. How did I not know so many people were okay with the stuff that had been spewing from Trump’s mouth? How did I not…””

    This is an excerpt from your linked page. The paragraph in the middle is where you might be referring to is the one where there might be some confusion. I do not use color to refer to race by skin color! You can lay a sheet of copy paper next to my arm and I am not WHITE, yet if you were to look at me that would be the box that you checked!. If that makes me a RACIST not a problem. I look at who a person is by who that person is. It is the person who defines who he is, not where they came from or the color of their skin, but then again that is just mee. Pardon the bad gramer and spelling, that also is me. Thanks for the banter.
    PS I wrote this reply in Front Page and the formatting did not carry through to the commend box, SORRY.



  3. That was a reblog of an article found on Explorations of the Divine Feminine, Deb, a woman who told her story from the perspective of a “white ally”. Those were her words that you must have mistaken for mine. What it appears that she & I do have in common is that we are doing the work of tearing down white supremacy. I understand your thoughts on “color” & that you are not the same color as a sheet of paper, but “white supremacy” is BASED on skin color. Created by white folk, continually perpetuated by white folk, MUST BE REPENTED OF BY WHITE FOLK. Being torn down CURRENTLY by God Almighty. So there’s that. Take care.


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