Dihydrogen Monoxide and the Chemtrail Conspiracy

chemtrail 1      chem switch

The Dihydrogen Monoxide Chemtrails are not just a conspiracy made just for the fringe element.  Dihydrogen Monoxide trails do exist in the atmosphere and are “Man Made”
chem switch 2
DHMO System activation switch

The image to the left is the switch used for the pilot to activate the chemtrail injection system on most jet aircraft.  This switch has several positions to activate the different chemspray modes.  It is just repeatedly stepped on by the pilots left foot to cycle through the chemtrail process.  The first step activates a continuous spray pattern from each engine, the second push leaves a broken pattern.  On the third push the switching circuit alternates between engines to help conserve on the   Dihydrogen Monoxide supply.

Immersion in a Dihydrogen Monoxide chemtrail for just a brief period of time can cause almost instant death unless expensive personal protective equipment is utilized.  This equipment must afford complete thermo-isolation of the body from the surrounding atmosphere and provide oxygen for life support.

Dihydrogen Monoxide, or DHMO, is a colorless and odorless chemical that kills or maims thousands each year, primarily through accidental inhalation. It has also been revealed to be a causative agent in many environmental exposure incidents, industrial contamination’s, automobile accidents, and property damage. The dollar amount losses caused, and the lives impacted, by the DHMO threat are virtually innumerable.

Chemtrails are made up of DHMO vapors and are one of the by-products of  jet engine and supercharged engine operation.  The first notice of Chemtrails came shortly after the start of WWII and are viewed by many as chemical warfare.

The Unites States of America were leading the development of Chemtrails at the end of the war but did not keep the technology a secret from the rest of the world.  When applied for, a patent was denied by the International Patent Consortium. (IPC)  The IPC ruled that all nations had a right to Chemtrail technology therefor it could not receive an international patent for the sole use of the United States.

Some of the Generals in the United States military believed that this ruling prolonged WWII by about 23 months and filed a lawsuit against the IPC.  This lawsuit was filed in August of 1947 and has not been addressed by the IPC as of January 2018.

General (3 Star) Carl W. Syckfield is the last surviving General of these legal proceedings and believes that the IPC is just stalling to prevent a patent award in his favor.  General Syckfield is now 108 years and plays hand ball everyday, he wears his full military battle dress summer uniform every day and has two pair of spit shined  boots in his closet.

During and after WWII a mixture of C2H60 and DHMO was used to almost double the power output of the piston engines used in most all combat aircraft.  Due to the patented combustion process a mixture of C2H60 and DHMO is not needed for jet turbine engines to produce the ever present chemtrails.

With the advent of the automobile the major auto manufactures learned to make their chemtrails invisible.  Yes most all autos leave the ever present chemtrail as they travel the highways and byways of the earth.  Because the auto industry has done such a good job of hiding these emissions they are hardly ever in the news for their part in the chemtrail collusion.


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