Planned Parenthood blatantly targets minority women

margaret sangerOn October 31, 2017, Planned Parenthood tweeted, “ If you’re a Black woman in America, it’s statistically safer to have an abortion than to carry a pregnancy to term or give birth.”

Margaret Sanger founder of PP, stated in 1926 that “colored people are like weeds and are to be exterminated .”  Ninety-one years later, the  abortion giant continues to target racial minorities.

In 2012, 79% of PP’s surgical abortion clinics were within walking distance of African American / Latino neighborhoods.  And the targeting has accelerated with Planned Parenthood’s 25 mega centers built since 2004.  Alarmingly, 88% (22 of 25) of them target women of color.

Afa Journal January / February 2018 edition,
reprinted with permission.

afa j


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