Papa John’s blinks

papa john blinksIf Papa John thought that his pizza sales had slid into the dumpster he ain’t seen nothing   yet.  To come out and publicly tell the truth and now say that he was wrong?  (click here) Hey John, why are you and your company defending scumbags like rectum  scummernik a SF 49er has been and certified mental coward?  Call Papa John’s @ (877) 547-7272

49 ers 2

To not stand for our National Anthem is akin to treason when it is done as a protest, yes the scumbag has the right to be a treasonous coward but it can’t complain when it can’t get or keep a job!

Your reversal may have just cost you your company, there is no defense  for protest like scummernik’s just glum despair and agony to no end.  Because of your cowardly action I have stopped eating all pizza, stopped watching all pro sports, and will be posting a list of nfl sponsors on this blog.  SUPPORT AMERICA OR GET OUT!
Call Papa John’s @ (877) 547-7272


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