Elect Judge Moore?

roy mooreThe question of the year, “What to do about Judge Roy Moore”?  There was not any question of what to d about the Honorable judge before it became almost certain that Judge Moore was going to be elected to the U. S. Senate.  If a “dimocrat” won the seat then the “Establishment Republicans” just lost a vote, and as a backup they  could use McCain or McConnell to sabotage any legislation that didn’t stab the American people in the BACK!

m n mThe RINO Express is in a full panic mode as the vote draws near.  As they see it backstabbing is the only weapon that they have any confidence or experience  in.

Another Judge has a saying that fits in times like these.

‘If it doesn’t make sense it’s not true or it’s a lie

She does not say anything about it not making sense to a Republican or a dimocrat, just if it doesn’t make sense.  It doesn’t make any sense that none of the Judge Moore issues would just “POP UP” days before an election that could change the Traitorous completion of the U. S. Congress or the “RINO Express”!

Judge Roy Moor is a jurist that has stood for Christian principles and has battled nonbelievers at the risk of his career.  Judge Moore refused to issue Marriage licenses to homosexuals trying to pervert the sanctity of  this Holy union.  Just because a supreme court says that 2 or more homos can get married does not make this perversion “Marriage”  Thank you Judge Moore for standing up for what is “RIGHT”

Judge Moore would make a Senator that “WE THE PEOPLE” could have faith in!  He would not be a part of the “RINO  Express”


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