I am not a Hero, but my Son In Law is!


The title of this post has nothing to do with the post, it is only there to get your attention.  Though having nothing to do with the post it is a true statement.  I served 15 years in the U.S. Navy and was in and out of Nam for nine months on a West Pac Cruise. My Son in Law is an Army Ranger and was sent to Afghanistan a week after 9/11.

The real story of this post is about 3 Army Traitors, Bo Bergdahl, (To be referred to “Dirt Bag or The Dirt Bag” in all future references!) Col. Jeffery R. Nance, and the entire defense team. (Read More)

It is reported that The Dirt Bag feared execution,  hey Dirt Bag, that would have been a walk in the park compared to what the rest of your traitorous life is going to be  like.  Can you imagine going through life life having friends or role models like; barock  insane nobama, Carol Christ, Richard Alan Davis, and the list goes on.

The real tragedy in this judicial  scam is the impact on future military court cases.  This puke of a judge thought that he was still “Brown Nosing” nobama.  Hey nance this was not a legal class at berkely  or Davis, this was supposed to be a real Military Trial.  One where Dirt Bag was to be held  accountable for it’s actions.  For Dirt Bags like this the only reasonable conclusion should have included a rope.  Instead there is a fairy for a judge and it’s bed-mate  for a defense team!

To be Continued

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