Welcome to California Gold Web Pages

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It has been many years since California Gold Web Pages has been in publication.  The format then was quite different.  It was written on Microsoft Front Page, I was quite a scatter brain in the layout department but I had fun with it, but learning came slow.

The first edition of California Gold Web Pages was created on Notepad (A text editor) and was an edited rendition of a page from my service providers web site.   I paid $100.00 a month for web hosting and after about 3 months of nothing but a Domain Name and no content I put up my first page.  Mark K. the owner of the ISP where I had California Gold Web Pages hosted called me into his office and gave me a copy of one of his pages on a floppy disk.  Every place it mentioned his web site I put in California Gold Web Pages and slowly it started to take shape.

The overall theme of California Gold Web Pages is that of a constitutional conservative Christian platform.  The Founding Fathers knew the evils of Big Government and crafted a Constitution that was second only to the Bible on it’s impact and importance to mankind.