In 1965 I bought my first car, it was a 1953 Mercury.  I had just turned 16 and was eager to have my own car to drive to High School.  My friend for many years, Tom had just got a 1955 Chevy, (The rage at the time) and we would drive to school together.  “Those […]

As the * depicts, Senator John McCain was a R.I.N.O.  McCain never voted for a conservative issue in his life unless he needed it to get elected.  He lived the life of a self-made hero and believed every fabrication that spewed through his lips.  Because he had a family history of Military service (His Father […]

Anybody that lets Race or the color of their skin define who or what they are is a racist!  It makes no difference if that person is a “White Supremacist”, a member of the “Black Panthers”  or the “Congressional Black Caucus” are all RACIST.  They  created their identity, their self-worth, and their value as a […]

May 13, 2015) — Gen. Mark Milley, commander of U.S. Army Forces Command, has been nominated by President Barack Obama to serve as the new chief of staff, or CSA, of the Army. General Milley should be held responsible for violating of the First Amendment Rights of Chaplain Scott Squires, and U.S. Army Regulations Section […]

          I bet that you think that the above business card is a little far fetched.   That would be farther from the truth than you could possibly imagine.  Kathryn Steinle Kathryn Steinle Kathryn Steinle Kathryn Steinle Target Bathrooms    

California teacher degrades all Veterans with a profanity laced rant about the US Military.  This is not the caliber of a person we need teaching our children but is increasingly becoming the norm.  It is Fake Teachers like this that Home Schooling is such a these Great United States. If you are a California […]

      The Dihydrogen Monoxide Chemtrails are not just a conspiracy made just for the fringe element.  Dihydrogen Monoxide trails do exist in the atmosphere and are “Man Made” The image to the left is the switch used for the pilot to activate the chemtrail injection system on most jet aircraft.  This switch has several positions […]